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If you have been considering a facelift procedure in Atlanta for a while but aren’t sure on what type of results can be achieved, looking through before and after pictures can provide a good insight.

We’ve put together a selection of 5 great facelift cases in Atlanta to give you an idea on what can be achieved and how other people have found the facelift procedure and recovery.

  • Judy
  • Judy booked a consultation with Dr. Sinha (Atlanta Facelift Surgeon ) for after reaching a stage in her life where she was no longer feeling confident in her appearance. Tired of having wrinkles and jowls, she wanted to improve the appearance of her skin and regain her confidence.

    After having a full facelift procedure in Atlanta carried out by Dr. Sinha, she felt much more confident in her appearance and felt 10 years younger. Her recovery was short and she returned to work 2 weeks later. All of her family and friends have complimented her on her results and a few have since had the same procedure performed.

  • Sarah
  • After reaching her fifties, Sarah had a conversation with a close friend about how she was feeling uncomfortable with her appearance and how here appearance didn’t reflect how she felt inside. Her friend had previously had cosmetic surgery performed by Dr. Sinha in Atlanta and recommended him. Sarah booked a consultation and discussed the facelift procedure in detail with Dr. Sinha before deciding to go ahead with the surgery.

    Sarah is extremely happy with her results and now feels her appearance reflects how she feels. She has received positive feedback from family and friends and is now considering having other procedures carried out.

  • Trisha
  • Trisha was left with large amounts of excess skin around her face and neck after losing a significant amount of weight. She visited Dr. Sinha after researching into some of the top surgeons in her area and being impressed with his qualifications and experience in Atlanta.
    Initially, Trisha was unsure what procedure would create the results she was hoping to achieve but after talking to Dr. Sinha, she opted for a facelift procedure.

    She was amazed by the results that she achieved from her facelift procedure and is happy she chose Dr. Sinha to perform the procedure in Atlanta. Trisha is now considering undergoing other skin removal surgeries with Dr. Sinha and has stated that she would recommend his services to anyone.

  • Debbie
  • Debbie had recently stopped smoking and was trying to improve her overall health and wellbeing. However, it was during this time that she noticed the damage to her skin through smoking had already negatively impacted on her appearance. She made the decision to have a facelift procedure carried out by Dr. Sinha who made her feel comfortable at every stage of the process.
    In the days after surgery, Debbie was already seeing results she was happy with. Once completely healed, Debbie was very impressed with the results she had achieved and has regained the self-confidence she had lost.

  • Jean
  • After beginning to see signs of aging and noticing that the skin around her face and neck had lost some elasticity, she decided to have a facelift surgery in Atlanta with Dr. Sinha.

    As a doctor herself, Jean had previously been in contact with Dr. Sinha on behalf of her patients and was amazed by his work. She asked Dr. Sinha to perform her facelift surgery and after a thorough consultation, she went ahead with the surgery. The surgery only took a few hours to complete and she returned to work two weeks later.

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