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A rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the world and something that millions of people have performed to correct and improve the shape, structure and size of their nose.

If you have been considering a rhinoplasty for a while but aren’t sure about what kind of results can be created, researching into the procedure and looking at before and after photos can give you an idea of what can be achieved.

We have put together 5 great rhinoplasties performed by Dr. Sinha to showcase how successful a rhinoplasty procedure can be.

  • Martin
  • The side profile of his nose had negatively affected Martin’s self-esteem since he was a child but had been too anxious to undergo surgery. It wasn’t until he got engaged and set a wedding date the he decided to go ahead with the procedure.

    Martin came to see Dr. Sinha after researching online into the top surgeons in Atlanta. He was impressed with the work Dr. Sinha had previously carried out on other patients and felt comfortable talking with him during his consultation.

    Dr. Sinha performed an open rhinoplasty procedure on Martin to correct the structure of his nose and he returned home the same day. He experienced very little pain and discomfort throughout his recovery and was delighted with his results.

  • Charley
  • As an African American woman, Charley was always uncomfortable with the width of her nose. After talking to her Doctor who recommended Dr. Sinha, Charley booked a consultation for a rhinoplasty.

    During her consultation, she discussed her desired results and Dr. Sinha explained every aspect of the surgery. Her surgery took place a few weeks later and after having the bandages removed in the days following, she was amazed with her results and is now confident about her appearance.

  • Emily
  • Emily had a horse riding accident when she was younger that caused her to break her nose. Instead of healing correctly, she was left with a moderate bump at the bridge. When she reached her early twenties, she decided to book a rhinoplasty procedure with Dr. Sinha.
    Emily had a successful closed rhinoplasty procedure that she believed restored her nose to how it was before her fall. She has since recommended his services to several of her friends and family.

  • Jenny
  • Throughout high school and college, Jenny as bullied by other students because of the shape of her nose. This had a huge impact on her confidence and self-esteem so she opted for a rhinoplasty procedure. Jenny’s mother recommended Dr. Sinha after previously having surgery with him and Jenny booked a consultation.

    The procedure was a success and she is extremely happy with the results she was able to achieve.

  • John
  • John had previously had cosmetic surgery performed by Dr. Sinha and after feeling unhappy with his nose for several years, he knew there was no one better to carry out his rhinoplasty procedure.

    Dr. Sinha performed an open rhinoplasty on John to lift the tip and correct the structure of John’s nose. The surgery went well and John healed quickly. He stated after the procedure that he wished he’d had a rhinoplasty years before because his confidence had massively improved since.

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