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  1. The Stigma Has Vanished
  2. In today’s society, men are no longer held back by the idea that women are the only ones receiving cosmetic surgery. People are more honest now then they have ever been about their cosmetic procedures. In 2015, The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that nose job surgery were the third most popular cosmetic surgery in America, with thousands of the patients being male. Cosmetic procedures have become widely accepted and desired by individuals of all race, gender, and sexual orientation.

  3. Men Care About Their Looks Too
  4. Women are not the only ones concerned about their image. The nose is a dominant facial feature and having a face you feel proud of translates to every part of your life. Men are often requesting strong, masculine features and the nose is a perfect area to exhibit these components. Frequently corrected issues include: narrow nose, drooping tip, humps, or crooked bridges. Once your trouble spot is corrected, you will be confident in your appearance and come across as more trustworthy and dependable to others. Perception is important.

  5. The Digital Age Is Upon Us
  6. Photos are taken today more than ever before in history. There are camera phones in every hand and people constantly upload their lives to multiple social media platforms. As a result, men and women have become experts on the best “selfie angle” or know which side of their face appears more flattering in photos. It is just as easy for a man to be unhappy with his physical appearance as it is for a woman, however rhinoplasty surgery is a procedure that can cause that frustration to disappear. Men are taking their looks into their own hands and being proactive towards achieving the results they wish to see.

  7. Health Is A Focus
  8. Deviated septums or narrow air passages can completely disrupt one’s life. When you have trouble breathing, your every moment is complicated. Sports and exercise become very difficult and even sleeping through the night can become stressful. Though rhinoplasty is often cosmetic in nature, functional rhinoplasty is used to correct nasal issues to allow men the ability to breath free and clear. Stop missing out on life because you are limited physically. Set up a consultation and begin breathing right!

  9. Men Want To Repair Their Injuries
  10. Athletics and injuries often come hand in hand, and men routinely experience facial fractures or lacerations during physical activities or work related incidents. Men suffering from the “boxer nose” no longer want to leave their noses dislocated or jumbled. There are so many advances in cosmetic technology that even the worst breaks are able to be repaired. Whether patients have fallen of a bike, been hit by a ball, or slipped while running, nose related injuries can be fixed and men are lining up to undergo reconstructive rhinoplasty.