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Dr. Sinha has special training in delicate surgeries of the face and neck.


Facelifts are one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery performed today. They provide both men and women with an extremely effective way to combat the common signs of aging on the face.

Are you a good candidate for a facelift?

As we get older, our skin begins to sag and this can be a very undesirable thing to many people, especially when it starts affecting the appearance of their face. A facelift combats this by pulling the skin upwards and therefore eliminating the sagging areas around the cheeks, eyes, mouth and neck.

Although a facelift is a very effective form of facial surgery, not everybody is a suitable candidate. A person who is a good candidate for atlanta facelift surgery will –

    • Not be excessively overweight
      In order to quality for facelift surgery, you don’t have to be in incredible physical shape but you should not be excessively overweight either. Those who are overweight are at more risk of complications. Also when a patient is excessively overweight, there is a good deal of fat and excess skin around the face and neck that wouldn’t otherwise be there and therefore the results of the surgery can suffer.
    • Have good skin elasticity
      Those with good skin elasticity are ideal candidates for facelift surgery. This is because during the procedure the skin is pulled upwards and those with more skin elasticity will get the best and most natural looking results.
    • Be in good physical condition
      In addition to being at a healthy weight, good candidates for facelift surgery should also be of free of any serious medical conditions that might cause complications or hinder the recovery process.
    • Not be a heavy smoker
      Those who are heavy smokers are at more risk during general anaesthetic. For this reason, those who do smoke heavily will be asked to stop for at least 2 months prior to surgery.
    • Have good bone structure and facial features
      Those with a good bone structure and strong facial features can expect the best results but it’s not an absolute must in order to get a facelift. This is because dermal fillers can be used on those with weaker features to add necessary volume and provide a more natural look.


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