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Hair loss is something that many people suffer from and often feel self-conscious about. Balding and thinning hair is usually associated with aging. There are many different reasons for hair loss, but it is not always easily treated. Although there are many products that claim to give you a thick and full head of hair “within 30 days”, many do not deliver on this statement. For those who have severe balding and thinning hair, a more intense treatment than a shampoo regime may be necessary. Well that is where NeoGraft comes in. NeoGraft is nothing like a traditional hair transplant. It is minimally invasive and doesn’t leave any scarring behind. Here is everything you need to know about this innovative procedure.

What is NeoGraft Hair Transplants?

NeoGraft is an innovative hair transplant procedure that gives natural looking results for both men and women. This minimally invasive treatment uses a new technique to rejuvenate your hairline by utilizing Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE. This is done by taking individual hair follicles from the donor area, found on the back of the head, and are then implanted in the balding areas of the scalp. By filling in balding areas, the face looks more balanced and proportionate. This gives you a more rejuvenated and youthful appearance. This treatment is much more advanced than traditional hair transplants that involve taking a full strip of skin with hair from the back of your head. This means there is less healing and recovery time.

How NeoGraft Works

NeoGraft works by removing hair follicles from the donor area of the head and transplanting them to the desired location. The donor area is a strip on the back of the scalp, where hair is genetically adapted to resist testosterone. This means that it is less likely to thin or fall out when transplanted to the top of the head. The hair is taken in natural occurring groups of one to four hairs. The grafts are extracted individually and collected pneumatically. By using this innovative technique, the follicles are able to be removed gently, without any pulling or twisting. These grafts are all similar in both diameter and length to dramatically increase the take rate. The recipient sites are then created by the surgeon as per the specific hair transplant plan designed by you and the doctor. These sites are precisely chosen to extenuate your hairline and face shape. Finally, the hair grafts are transplanted to the balding and thinning areas of the head using the NeoGraft “no touch” follicle implantation method. Each follicle is artistically placed to provide patients with beautifully discrete and natural results.

Recovery and Results

NeoGraft Hair transplant works by gently removing your own hair follicles without having to make any incisions. Due to not having to remove skin that occurs during a traditional hair transplant, there is no visible scarring and no signs of cosmetic surgery. This also means that there is no down time for healing. Following your NeoGraft procedure, your new hairline will be visible as the follicles rest for a week. Once implanted, the follicles will follow your natural hair growth cycle, so full results will gradually come in. The donor area may become red, swollen, and irritated, but will often disappear after the first week following your treatment. One side effect that some patients find concerning, is when their transplanted hair begins to fall out after the first two to three weeks following the procedure. This is a normal process, as your hair is going through the growth cycle. When your hair sheds, new and healthy hair is able to grow. This technique results in a natural, discrete and full hairline. Your hair will grow naturally, allowing you to experiment with different styles as you normally would.

NeoGraft vs Traditional Hair Transplants

Traditional hair transplants involve harvesting a strip of skin and hair from the back of the head and reattaching it to balding areas with sutures or staples. This technique often leaves behind noticeable scarring and requires much more down time for the recovery process. You can return to your normal activities within the two to four days following your NeoGraft procedure and most patients don’t miss any time off from work. You only need to follow post op instructions to ensure that the transplanted hair grafts properly take root as opposed to having to make sure that incisions stay clean and are healing as well.

The NeoGraft procedure does not leave behind any scarring as it is performed by individually extracting hair follicles precisely. It also utilizes an automated device for implementation of the transplanted follicles that has a better success rate than other hair transplant methods. Since it does not require incisions or staples, this procedure has minimal to no discomfort. With traditional methods, patients have to be put under anesthesia, but with NeoGraft, local anesthetic may be applied for the patient’s comfort if desired but is not necessary.

This treatment can be successfully performed on any healthy individual, as it works on all skin tones and skin types. Both men and women can benefit from the innovate technology that NeoGraft offers. The only requirement for this procedure is to have an adequate amount of hair on the back of your head. Even if you have had a traditional hair transplant in the past, you can still have the NeoGraft hair transplant performed if you are unsatisfied with the result.

Dr. Sinha has been able to boost the confidence of many patients by performing the NeoGraft procedure on them. They are very happy with their results. Reading the testimonials that they left you can tell that they are not only satisfied with the procedure, but also the care that Dr. Sinha and his office provided. Some are saying it was the best decision they ever made, while others say it gave them the confidence to return to activities they previously avoided due to their lack of hair. The innovative technology of the NeoGraft procedure combined with the skills and expertise of Dr. Sinha give outstanding results of a natural, full, and healthy hairline.

So what are you waiting for? Are you interested in restoring your hairline? Get back a thicker and more youthful hairline with the minimally invasive and innovative NeoGraft procedure. Your full head of hair is waiting for you. If you would like to learn more about this procedure, give our office a call today.