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In the world of self-improvement products and procedures, it’s all too common to hear high-flown claims that sound too good to be true – because they are. Many skin and body products promise dramatic improvements overnight, or instant results with no downside.

In reality, many of these products don’t work as well as advertised, but modern technology has given us one highly innovative solution for targeted fat loss that is safe, effective and produces long-lasting results, all without the need for surgery. Let’s take a closer look at what makes CoolSculpting® so cool.

What Is CoolSculpting?

Do you maintain a healthy diet and consistent exercise routine, yet still struggle with areas of fat that just won’t seem to disappear? That’s because your body is genetically predisposed to accumulate fat in specific spots. CoolSculpting is a technique that can help improve the look of areas that are prone to developing pockets of fat, such as the belly, sides, thighs, upper arms and back.

CoolSculpting is designed to permanently remove fat cells from targeted areas by freezing them, which causes them to die on contact. Over the next three to six months, your body naturally flushes out the dead fat cells.

Benefits of CoolSculpting

Patients around the world are discovering the power of CoolSculpting to help them achieve the results they’ve always wanted. Here are the top 10 biggest benefits of this revolutionary procedure.

  • No need for incisions, sutures or pain medication.
    Whereas more aggressive techniques such as liposuction require anesthesia, stitches and a post-operative recovery period, CoolSculpting is completely noninvasive and pain-free. During a treatment session, patients read, catch up on emails, watch TV or even take a nap, and after treatment, they can return to work or any of their other normal daily activities.
  • It is highly targeted.
    No matter how hard you work out, or what exercises you perform, there is no way to select which areas of your body lose fat and which do not. This is another reason so many people are opting for CoolSculpting to help them achieve the body of their dreams. CoolSculpting technology uses controlled cooling to kill fat cells in specific areas of your body. With CoolSculpting, you will finally be able to reduce those stubborn pockets of fat that remain unresponsive to diet and exercise.
  • It’s safe, effective and based on a scientific breakthrough.
    Scientists discovered that extreme cold can kill fat cells without harming the skin or surrounding tissue. CoolSculpting is based on this scientific principle, which is called Cryolipolysis®. How safe is CoolSculpting? It is the only FDA-cleared fat freezing technology, and more than 5 million successful procedures have been performed worldwide.
  • The treatment is gentle, with minimal discomfort.
    CoolSculpting is designed not to hurt. You will not need pain medication, either before or after the treatment session. During the first few minutes of treatment, most patients report feeling intense cold; however, the area being treated generally goes numb within five to 10 minutes. You may also feel some pulling and tingling sensations. As with any procedure, our entire staff is dedicated to your ultimate safety and comfort during a CoolSculpting treatment.
  • The results are subtle and natural-looking.
    Unlike surgical procedures, which leave patients with swelling, bruising and scars, CoolSculpting does not have any noticeable side effects. The results are also extremely gradual, with results that reveal themselves over the course of several months. This natural progression makes it possible for you to keep your treatments private, if that’s what you prefer.
  • Treatments are short and straightforward.
    The length of time you will need to set aside for your CoolSculpting procedure will depend on the size of the area you are having treated. However, most treatment sessions generally last about 35 minutes, making this procedure easy to work into even the busiest daily schedule. And, since there’s no need for downtime following the procedure, you don’t need to take any time off work to recover.
  • CoolSculpting can treat multiple areas of your body.
    The most common areas of the body where people choose to get CoolSculpting are the stomach, hips, love handles and thighs, though people are also opting to use it to improve the look of a double chin. In fact, the procedure is effective for many different areas of the body.
  • CoolSculpting is a great motivator.
    CoolSculpting is not the same as a gastric bypass surgery, which helps obese people lose a dramatic amount of weight. At the same time, CoolSculpting is also not a procedure that can replace healthy habits such as exercise and eating a balanced diet. However, being able to get rid of those exercise-resistant fat bulges once and for all can be tremendously motivating. When people feel proud of the way they look, they’re more likely to want to maintain it by choosing healthier habits.
  • CoolSculpting boosts confidence.
    As we all know, people who look good feel good. They carry themselves with more poise and self-assurance, and they are happier and more satisfied in their personal lives. After completing CoolSculpting treatments, you may find it’s easier for you to make new friends or advance in your career. You’ll have a more positive outlook on life because you’ll feel more comfortable in your own skin.
  • CoolSculpting has long-lasting results.
    When you diet and exercise, fat cells shrink in size, but remain in your body, lying in wait for you to skip a workout or indulge in a bowl of ice cream. However, CoolSculpting removes fat cells from your body forever. If you gain weight after your treatments, you’re more likely to see fat distributed evenly throughout your body, rather than just in your problem spots.

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