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Often people who’ve had a rhinoplasty that they’re unhappy with are worried that they’re stuck with the results. Fortunately this is not the case. Many people who are looking to get rhinoplasty are doing so because they’re looking to have a previously botched surgery corrected. This is known as revision rhinoplasty. It can be used to correct almost all problems that might have arisen due to previous surgery.

Reasons to get revision rhinoplasty

Below are some of the main reasons to consider revision rhinoplasty.

  • You’re unhappy with the width of your nose
  • You’re unhappy with the shape of the tip of your nose
  • You’re having difficulty breathing
  • You have a prominent nasal hump
  • You want to have the size or shape of your nostrils changed
  • Your nose is crooked
  • Your nose has been broken


Things to consider with revision rhinoplasty

When Dr Pradeep Sinha performs revision rhinoplasty, he first has a detailed consultation with the patient so he can find out exactly why they’re unhappy with the results of their previous surgery. This is important since it lets the rhinoplasty doctor know exactly how to approach the surgery so that realistic results that are desirable to the patient can be achieved.

One of the most important aspects of performing a successful revision rhinoplasty is allowing enough time for the swelling from the original rhinoplasty to subside. It can take up to 18 months for the swelling from a rhinoplasty to subside completely.

If over-correction was an issue with the original rhinoplasty then it’s possible that there won’t be enough cartilage left to properly sculpt the nose. In this case, the surgeon will be able to take cartilage from other areas, such as the ears and ribs.
If you have had a previous rhinoplasty and you are unhappy with the results then revision rhinoplasty can help. Dr Sinha is one of the leading Rhinoplasty surgeon in Atlanta. To book a consultation with Dr Sinha get in touch now and we can schedule it for you.