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Rhinoplasty a nose reshaping surgery is often thought of as a cosmetic procedure and although many people get it for cosmetic reasons, it can also be used to improve breathing function. Nasal surgery that’s used in order to improve breathing function is often referred to as functional rhinoplasty. WIth functional rhinoplasty, improvements are made to the airway function without affecting the shape of the nose.

Many people suffer with breathing disorders due to the structure of their nose. Some common problems that come with a restricted nasal passage include –

  • Disturbance of sleep
  • Reduced sense of smell
  • Heavy snoring
  • Headaches
  • Facial pain

There are a few types of nasal surgery that can be used to repair poor breathing function. These include –

  • Septoplasty –
    Septoplasty is a type of nasal surgery where the septal partition (the bone that separates the nasal passages) is straightened in order to restore proper breathing function. It can also be combined with rhinoplasty surgery if the goal is to improve function and aesthetics.
  • Turbinate reduction –
    Many people who suffer with allergies find that their nasal passages are often blocked. This is very often due to turbinate hypertrophy. Turbinates are stacks of bones that run along the inside of the nasal cavity. When they respond to natural stimuli, they can become enlarged to the point where they impair breathing function. The purpose of turbinate reduction is to remove some of the turbinates so that comfortable breathing is possible.
  • Nasal polyp removal –
    A nasal polyp is a type of growth that occurs inside the nasal cavity that impairs proper breathing function. Although removing them is a fairly simple procedure, it’s necessary to use other forms of treatment to prevent the risk of recurrence.

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