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Dr Sinha has many years’ of experience performing ethnic rhinoplasty surgery in Atlanta on patients of all ages and from all ethnic backgrounds. Depending on where a person originates from, the size and shape of their nose can vary. Many people from different ethnicities desire a more “caucasian-looking” nose but this is not always the case.

Dr Sinha has experience performing ethnic rhinoplasty on patients who are of Latino, Afro American, Asian and Middle Eastern descent. Each of these patients will have unique characteristics to their nose that mean rhinoplasty can be challenging, depending on the desired outcome.

The challenges of performing rhinoplasty surgery on ethnic patients

Below are some of the unique challenges that come with performing an ethnic rhinoplasty.

  • Thick skin –
    Thick skin is a very common issue when treating ethnic patients. The good news is that thick skin can be made thinner. This can be achieved either surgically, or by using a medication called Kenalog, that can be administered either before or after the nose surgery.
  • Weak cartilage on the tip of the nose –
    Often in nose job surgery, the patient desires the tip of their nose to be reshaped, particularly when they feel it is too large or too flat. If the cartilage is weak then it can be harvested from other areas of the body, to allow for much better definition.


Does changing an ethnic patient’s nose affect their identity?

Some patients worry that if they have the appearance of their nose changed then they are in some betraying their roots and will no longer be recognizable as belonging to their particular ethnic group. The truth is that Ethnic rhinoplasty Atlanta is simply a way to make the nose blend in more naturally with the face and provide and all-round more aesthetically-pleasing appearance.

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