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Rhinoplasty procedure is an extremely popular form of cosmetic surgery. It enables those who are unhappy with the appearance of their nose to have it changed permanently. Dr Sinha has built a reputation for achieving beautiful and natural results when performing rhinoplasty surgery on his patients. This is in no small part because he makes sure that he takes a tailored approach to each patient to ensure that they get the results they desire.

The keys to a successful rhinoplasty Surgery


    • A thorough consultation –
      One of the most important aspects of achieving a good result with rhinoplasty surgery is a thorough consultation with the patient. Dr. Pradeep Sinha ensures that when he has the initial consultation with his patients he leaves no stone unturned. He founds out exactly what result the patient is looking to achieve, whether they’ve had any previous rhinoplasty surgeries and also assesses their health. He also gives the patient a chance to ask any questions they might have about the nose surgery.
    • Realistic expectations on behalf of the patient –
      It’s always important that the patient has realistic expectations for what can be achieved with rhinoplasty. Dr Sinha always makes sure to explain exactly what can be achieved and what cannot so his patients are realistic about the likely result of their rhinoplasty.
    • A skilled and experienced surgeon –
      The skill and experience of the surgeon performing the Nose job surgery is extremely important. Dr Sinha has successfully performed rhinoplasty on countless patients over the years and therefore is equipped to deal with any situation and achieve the results his patients desire.
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