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Cosmetic surgery is a mix of art and science and this is especially true where rhinoplasty surgery is concerned. The aesthetic of a person’s nose will have a huge impact on their overall appearance so when performing rhinoplasty surgery, a surgeon has to think not only about the technical aspects of the surgery but also the artistic aspects.

There are many challenges that surgeons face when performing rhinoplasty surgery. Depending on the patient’s skin type and their desired results, it might be necessary to make that patient’s skin thinner or take cartilage from other areas of the body in order to rebuild the tip.

Issues that rhinoplasty surgery can be used to correct

  • Nostrils that are too wide or too narrow
    The thing that many patients want to correct when they seek rhinoplasty surgery is the size of their nostrils, either because they are too wide or too narrow. This is a fairly simple thing to correct and can have a big impact on the appearance of the nose.
  • Bridge is too wide
    If the bridge of the nose is very wide then it can give a very flat and squashed appearance to the face. This is a very common reason the people get rhinoplasty surgery. The bridge of the nose can be lift and narrowed in order to provide a more defined and aesthetically-pleasing shape.
  • Breathing problems after a nose injury
    If your nose was broken then it’s very likely that you’ll have breathing difficulties as a result. The only way to properly correct this is through rhinoplasty. With rhinoplasty, both the functioning and appearance of the nose can be addressed in one surgery.
  • The shape of the tip of the nose
    The tip of the nose plays a big role in its overall appearance. With rhinoplasty, it’s possible to reshape the tip of the nose to the patient’s desires and in a way that looks completely natural.

Are you interested in rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most challenging forms of cosmetic surgery. Therefore it’s important to have your surgery performed by a surgeon with great skill and experience.

Dr Sinha has successfully performed rhinoplasty on countless patients with incredible results. If you’d like to book a consultation for rhinoplasty surgery then get in touch and we can schedule one for you.