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Though many explorers searched fruitlessly for the legendary Fountain of Youth for years, we now know their efforts were in vain. However, aesthetic medicine has given us many of the advantages that may have seemed like a myth centuries ago. Now, we can reverse common side effects of aging with simple procedures that benefit anyone who wants to look and feel their best. Here are five of our faves.

1. Hand Rejuvenation

Your hands are one of the most amazing parts of your body, and over your life, you will use them for hundreds of everyday tasks – from cooking to folding laundry to comforting a loved one and swaddling a baby. However, your hands can also suffer premature aging much faster than the rest of your body.

If your hands are showing wrinkles, volume loss, age spots, and other signs of premature aging, don’t fret – you have options. Lasers, chemical peels and light therapy can erase discoloration and age spots on the backs of hands, while cosmetic fillers like those in the Juvéderm family can also help improve the appearance of the backs of hands that have become sunken or bony due to age-related tissue loss. Also, if you are worried about prominent veins, a treatment called sclerotherapy can help diminish them.

2. CoolSculpting

Many of us tend to accumulate unwanted fat as we age, which often resists diet and exercise. Whether you have developed a “muffin top” on your belly or inherited flabby upper arms (thanks, Grandma!), no amount of spot toning will help make the bulge go away. You may be an excellent candidate for CoolSculpting – a revolutionary nonsurgical procedure that targets and removes fat cells from specific areas of the body using a controlled cooling device. Your body will naturally flush out these dead fat cells over time, and the result will be a slimmer, toned and more youthful-looking body.

3. Chin Liposuction

Several factors contribute to the appearance of aging skin, and excess skin around the neck and jawline is one of those. As we age, skin loses its built-in support network and begins to sag, resulting in the formation of a double chin, jowls and the dreaded “turkey neck.” These are often the earliest signs of aging to appear, but a chin liposuction can take years off your appearance by reshaping and recontouring your chin and neck area.

Chin liposuction and tightening is a minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedure that removes the fat pad under the skin and tightens the remaining tissue, restoring the jawline to a more youthful profile and creating a clearer distinction between the neck and chin. Reducing fatty deposits in this area of the face is difficult to achieve through exercise and diet alone, which is why chin liposuction surgery is often the best solution for people who are worried about their aging chin and neck.

4. Liquid Facelift

If you’ve spent any amount of time perusing beauty blogs or even scrolling through your favorite celebrities Instagram accounts, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the “liquid facelift” – a procedure that has had the beauty world buzzing for the past several years. But what does a liquid facelift do, and what makes it different from a regular facelift?

The first thing to understand is that a liquid facelift isn’t a surgical procedure. Rather than a traditional facelift surgery, a liquid facelift involves injecting the perfect amount of dermal gel-based fillers and neuromodulators into specific areas of the face using tiny syringes. The treatment takes about an hour to complete and requires no downtime after the procedure, which makes it ideal for anyone who cannot take time away from their busy schedule. If you’re ready to restore volume and minimize moderate to severe facial wrinkling and volume loss with no sutures or scarring, a liquid facelift is the answer you’ve been searching for.

5. Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatments

Slow down the aging process and reverse wrinkles, scarring and years of sun damage with laser skin resurfacing, a highly customizable treatment that removes the top layers of skin and encourages the production of new collagen deep within the face. You’ll look younger, healthier and more refreshed, with smoother skin and a more even skin tone. The level of laser treatment you receive will depend on your specific needs and what aging concerns you are hoping to reverse.

Discover Atlanta’s Modern Fountain of Youth

The Atlanta Institute for Facial Aesthetic Surgery is a leading center for cosmetic medicine serving the metropolitan Atlanta area. Whether you are considering one of the minimally invasive procedures on this list, or would like to discuss other options for turning back time and revitalizing your face, hands and body, contact us today to schedule your personalized consultation. You’ll love the attention to detail and caring approach we provide, and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have to help you become a more informed patient. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!