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An ENT, or Ear, Nose and Throat doctor specializes in otolaryngology. ENTs diagnose and treat a range of disorders related to the head and neck. ENTs are trained to deal with disorders of the head and neck both surgically and through the use of medical treatment. An ENT will typically treat allergies, infections, injuries, speech disorders and sleep disorders among other things.

Why ENT training is important for rhinoplasty

ENT training is particularly useful for doctors who perform rhinoplasty for a number of reasons. These include –

  • Good diagnostic skills –
    Being able to properly diagnose patients is absolutely critical when performing any type of cosmetic surgery but is particularly important with rhinoplasty. This is because everyone has a different nasal anatomy and what works for one person may not for another. An ENT will be able to properly diagnose the patient and decide what the best approach is.
  • A true understanding of nasal anatomy –
    Because ENTs study how the nose works and how it relates to the other parts of the head and neck, they have a true understanding of nasal anatomy. This means they can approach rhinoplasty in a way that provides perfect breathing function as well as aesthetic improvements.
  • Extremely high standards of care –
    ENTs must complete approximately 15 years’ of training in order to attain board certification. They must also be evaluated by their peers and pass a series of written and oral examinations. Board certified ENTs are not only judged on their skills but also the level of care they provide patients with. Good communication and empathy with the patient’s needs are both taken into account. This ensure that the the highest level of care is provided.

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