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What Makes a Great Skin Injectors

Making the decision to receive cosmetic injections is not one to be taken lightly. There are many factors that go into ensuring that the injections are performed correctly. These include the best tools and products, techniques, education and more than a specialist and their practice should provide. Dr. Sinha has proven that he is a master skin injectors and this is a comprehensive list of what qualifies him to make such claims.

Innovative Tools and Products

Staying up to date with the most innovative tools and products is a key part injectors making sure you choose a great skin injector. This means that the office carries the safest and highest quality products available, ensuring that their patients receive the best possible results. Some of the newer inject that are offered at Facial Aesthetic Surgery are Kybella and Voluma. Having innovative tools also means that the office offers advanced technologies. Dr. Sinha has recently reconstructed his office with state of the art innovative technology, including 3D facial imaging.

Proper Technique

Cosmetic injections are very different than the injection you receive when getting a vaccine. They require precision, proper placement, and a caring touch. The actual process of injection is an art in itself. This is very different from the fast jab that you would receive during a flu shot, which is good because it is going into your face. Cosmetic injections take attention to detail and require a proper technique to perform. Proper technique for cosmetic injections is taught by education and years of experience, two things that Dr. Sinha has plenty of.

Education and Experience

When choosing a doctor to perform your cosmetic injections, it is important to look at their experience and education. Looking at their education allows you to make sure that they are certified to perform your injections and that it is in their area of expertise. Dr. Sinha is Board Certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, he is also Board Certified in Otolaryngology (Head and Neck Surgery). Dr. Sinha also choses to focus on performing cosmetic facial surgeries, giving him extensive knowledge of how to best rejuvenate facial features. He also has many professional memberships, which typically require continuing education to maintain, keeping him up to date with the most innovative trends. Dr. Sinha also has many years of experience in making his patients happy with his work. With over 10,000 procedures performed and a very high satisfaction rating, he continues to provide his patients with amazing care. Dr. Sinha has also been recognized with many awards for his amazing skills and work. His practice has also been a training site for Botox since it became available in 2002. He trains hundreds of doctors and nurses to perfect their technique for injection with the expertise that he has acquired in his many years of practice.

Communication is Key

Communication between the patient and doctor is very important to the success of the treatment. It is essential for the doctor to understand the results the patient is looking to achieve through injections so proper recommendations can be made. It is also very important for the patient to feel comfortable, expressing all of their questions and concerns completely to the doctor, so they have a better understanding of each other. This ensures that the injectables that are chosen for treatment will give the patients the results that they desire. The glowing reviews found online that have been left by Dr. Sinha’s patients express how well he is able to communicate with them to provide the best possible care.

Customized Treatment Plan

Having a deep understanding of the unique anatomy of the patient’s facial structure is important to create a customized treatment plan. This will ensure that their desired results will be reached in a time period that they are comfortable with. A doctor that creates a customized treatment plan realizes that every patient has different concerns that they want to treat and that all treatments cannot be performed in the same cookie cutter way. Dr. Sinha wants his patient’s to maintain their individuality and uses his expertise to guarantee all of his patients have their procedures personalized to give them the results they want to achieve.

An Artistic Eye

Dr. Sinha’s knowledge and experience as a Board Certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon gives him an artistic eye when looking at a patient’s facial features. This allows him to easily be able to see how to balance the face and give a more refreshed and youthful appearance, without looking overdone. When injecting dermal fillers and muscle relaxers into the face to add volume and smooth wrinkles, it is important to maintain an artistic eye to keep a well-balanced and contoured appearance to the patient’s face.

Natural Results

Maintaining natural results while utilizing injectors /injectable products is an important skill that not all skin injectors have mastered. Although having a great technique and using quality products is important, it is also important to focus on enhancing the patient’s natural beauty. This means avoiding injecting too much product into the treatment area. With the experience, knowledge, technique, artistic eye, and emphasis that Dr. Sinha puts on enhancing the patient’s natural beauty while helping them look more revitalized and youthful, he is meticulous in the amount of product that he injects.

Integrity of Practice

Due to his amazing work, knowledge, and expertise Dr. Sinha has been recognized as a Top Doctor on countless local, regional, and national lists. Dr. Sinha has been with the same practice for three decades. He has also successfully performed over 10,000 procedures. Additionally, his office is called a Center of Excellence for most high quality cosmetic injections available. Although he has a number of awards, what he really focuses on is the satisfaction of his patients. These are the ratings that truly matter to Dr. Sinha and show the integrity of his practice and his personal integrity as a doctor.

If you are interested in having your cosmetic injections done in a welcoming environment by an experienced and educated doctor, give our office a call today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Sinha.