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Rhinoplasty, commonly called a nose job, is a specialized type of cosmetic surgery to correct the proportions of your nose and bring your facial features into a more attractive harmony. The surgery can also help patients who have difficulty breathing due to structural problems with their nose.
Possible changes a rhinoplasty can make to your nose include:

  • Reducing the size
  • Straightening the bridge
  • Changing the angle between your nose and your upper lip
  • Reshaping the tip
  • Narrowing the nostrils
  • Altering the width or length of the nose
  • Making breathing easier and more comfortable
  • If you are self-conscious about the size, shape and width of your nose and nostrils, if the structure of your nose has resulted in breathing problems or if your asymmetrical or crooked nose is making the rest of your facial features appear imbalanced, you may be one of the many people wondering if you might benefit from a surgical correction, and how to find the best rhinoplasty surgeon to perform your procedure. As explained in this video from RealSelf, there are many tips to picking a qualified rhinoplasty surgeon.

    In his more than three decades of practice, Dr. Pradeep Sinha has made nose job one of the key focal areas at his Atlanta clinic. Having perfected the art of rhinoplasty, he has been pleased to use his knowledge and abilities about the procedure to help thousands of patients feel more satisfied with their noses.

    Making any type of change to your appearance is a serious decision, and requires careful consideration. Here are the eight most important things to expect from a cosmetic surgeon who performs rhinoplasty surgery.

    Board Certification and Professional Memberships

    The first and most important qualification when researching the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Atlanta is looking for cosmetic surgeons who have attained board certification. Board certification, in layman’s terms, is the ultimate seal of approval that a physician has met a series of rigorous standards for education and training.

    To earn board certification, a medical professional is required to pass comprehensive oral and written exams; graduate from an accredited medical school; complete continuing education courses on topics such as patient safety; and perform surgery in licensed and certified surgical facilities, among other criteria. Board-certified physicians must also complete a re-certification process every few years to ensure their skills and knowledge remain sharp.

    Dr. Sinha has earned and maintained two board certifications – one from the American Board of Otolaryngology, and another from the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He is also the founder of the Sinus Institute of Atlanta and the Atlanta Institute for ENT.

    Why is board certification such an essential part of choosing the best cosmetic surgeon? Because legally, any doctor is permitted to do any procedure – so, for example, there is no law preventing an obstetric surgeon from performing a nose job.

    Though a surgeon isn’t required to earn a board certification to practice medicine, it is a highly respected tool for determining a physician’s expertise and experience in their chosen fields of the health care industry. Watch the video from How cast below to learn more about what board certification entails, and why it is a good sign of a doctor’s commitment to continual improvement in his or her chosen profession.

    While the government requires every surgeon to be licensed to practice medicine in the state where they work, obtaining board certification is a way for a physician to go the extra mile in assuring patients that they are leaders in their field. When you are looking for someone to perform a highly technical and intricate surgery such as a Nose Reshaping Surgery, you deserve to know you are under the care of someone who is as knowledgeable as possible in that specialty.

    In addition to his double board certification, Dr. Sinha maintains memberships with top national and local organizations, including the American College of Surgeons, the American Medical Association, the Facial Plastic Surgery & Reconstructive Surgery Academy, the Medical Association of Georgia and the Medical Association of Atlanta.

    The Surgical Facility and Staff

    Finding a qualified doctor is essential, but you should also ensure the surgical facility is top-rated, clean, accredited and has the most up-to-date equipment. A large part of your safety during and after your surgery depends on the quality of the operating facility. The Atlanta Institute for Facial Aesthetic Surgery is deemed one of the premier plastic surgery centers in Atlanta.

    Before undergoing surgery, you need to feel 100 percent comfortable with not only your surgeon, but also their support team. When you choose to get your nose job at our clinic, you will benefit from our personalized approach to care. Each staff member is trained in assisting your needs and putting your comfort first. Choose both a doctor and staff whose personalities and “bedside manner” make you like and trust them completely with your safety and outcomes.

    The Surgeon’s Experience

    Being an excellent cosmetic surgeon requires several important elements: the eye of an artist, a wide-ranging knowledge of facial anatomy, a steady hand and the ability to consider how even tiny adjustments can affect the final appearance.

    The human body is extremely complex, and each area of plastic surgery requires a set of highly specialized skills. For example, successfully manipulating the bone, cartilage and airways of a nose – which has both functional and aesthetic roles that need to be maintained – is a significantly different process than augmenting a breast, which is primarily made of soft tissue.

    Given this, surgeons can have subspecialties within the field. When it comes to choosing the best plastic surgeon, it’s essential to pick someone with considerable experience in the procedure you are considering. Rhinoplasty surgery is often called the most challenging and complex operations a plastic surgeon can perform. Not only does it require exquisite attention to detail to keep both sides of a patient’s nose symmetrical, but the area of the surgery is nearly microscopic – about one millimeter.

    Because the most minute change can cause an incredible impact on your rhinoplasty outcome, you deserve to get your surgery performed by a doctor who not only knows exactly what he is doing, but who has also been doing it for a significant time. Dr. Sinha has worked with thousands of patients in a highly successful career that has spanned more than three decades.

    Patient Reviews

    If a surgeon has changed other patients’ lives for the better, chances are they will do the same for you. Dr. Sinha’s patients rave about his professionalism, attention to detail and compassionate personality. People have traveled from all over the country to seek his services.

    Not only will Dr. Sinha walk you through the entire process, but he will create digital images for you to view and approve before your nose transformation begins. Dr. Sinha’s No. 1 concern is your well-being, and he has thousands of patient testimonials to support this claim.

    Communication and Consultation

    It is imperative you feel at ease communicating your goals with your rhinoplasty surgeon. That’s why we believe the most important part of any nose reshaping procedure happens before the surgery, when you meet with Dr. Sinha for a pre-operative consultation.

    A pre-procedure consultation is an important opportunity to get answers to any questions you have about every facet of the surgery and talk through all your options with the doctor. You may wish to bring photos of noses you like, as well as those you don’t like, to help Dr.Sinha fully understand your expectations for the surgery.

    This consultation is vital to get you and Dr. Sinha on the same page about your goals and determine if they are realistic in terms of your face shape and nasal anatomy. Computer imaging is also a powerful tool to show you how you may look after surgery. We encourage you to make as many return visits as you need to ensure you fully understand the process before you commit to surgery.

    You should come to your consultation prepared to discuss:

  • Your goals for the procedure, in terms of both appearance and breathing function
  • Medical conditions, drug allergies and previous medical treatments
  • Current medications you take, including vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco and drug use
  • Previous surgeries or health complications
  • You should also bring a list of questions to ask the surgeon, including:

  • Where and how will you perform my surgery?
  • How do I know if I am a good candidate for this procedure?
  • What should I do before and after my nose reshaping to get the best results?
  • How long of a recovery and healing period can I expect, and what kind of support will I need during my recovery?
  • Remember, there’s no such thing as a silly question when you’re considering taking a step as major as changing any aspect of your appearance. Come to your consultation with a written checklist of any concerns that are on your mind – either handwritten or saved on your smartphone – and never feel embarrassed to speak up for yourself.

    For more ideas of the best questions to ask during your pre-rhinoplasty consultation, watch the video below from the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

    Dr. Sinha knows the importance of understanding all aspects of your rhinoplasty procedure. It’s natural for patients to feel mixed emotions, whether it’s anticipation around your new appearance or a bit of pre-operative stress. Don’t be shy about discussing these feelings with the surgeon.

    Dr. Sinha is regarded as one of the kindest and most respected plastic surgeons in Atlanta. He received the Compassionate Doctor Award every year from 2009 through 2015. He was also honored to rank in the top 1 percent of America’s Most Honored Professionals in 2016. Dr. Sinha will be able to inform you of all surgical parameters, as well as listen to your expectations. A successful rhinoplasty surgery is a joint effort, and everyone should feel satisfied with the outcome!

    The Rhinoplasty Procedure and Recovery

    Rhinoplasty is an outpatient surgery performed using small, concealed incisions within the nose. During the procedure, Dr. Pradeep Sinha uses his surgical skill and artistic talents to reshape and redefine the nose by manipulating the bones and cartilage, reducing some areas while building up others.

    Afterward, Dr. Sinha will stitch the incision with absorbable sutures and apply bandages, packing and a nasal splint to help your nose keep its new shape. You will be able to remove the splint and packing four to seven days after the procedure.

    Dr. Sinha’s high skill level and many years of rhinoplasty experience allow him to complete the entire surgical reshaping process inside your nose, which results in no visible scars when the healing process is complete. You should begin to see the results around three weeks after your surgery, and the full results will be revealed around six to eight weeks later as the swelling resolves fully.

    Good Customer Service

    The entire purpose of getting a cosmetic procedure is to help you feel better about yourself, and that begins with the way the office staff interacts with you from the first moment you contact them. Are the staffers welcoming and supportive? When you reach out to them, do you receive a speedy reply?

    Also, make sure you receive take-home materials and instructions to prepare you for the day of your surgery and the recovery process that will follow. Ask about all pricing up front, and check that the quote you receive is all-inclusive of things such as surgeon’s fees, prescription medications and any special medical supplies you might need to buy.

    Aesthetically Pleasing Results

    There is nothing like a first impression. You want a surgeon whose aesthetic philosophy aligns with yours. Research the results your surgeon has provided for previous patients. Every patient is different, so ask to see a variety of before-and-after photographs. Do the surgeon’s results appeal to you personally?

    Dr. Sinha can provide thousands of successful before-and-after photos, and has even treated top beauty queens throughout Georgia – including Laura Smith, Mrs. Georgia America 2015, and Brittany Sharp, Miss Georgia USA 2013.

    When you’re ready to change your life with nose job surgery, Dr. Sinha and his entire team at the Atlanta Institute for Facial Aesthetic Surgery are your top choice. We hope this comprehensive guide to choosing a great rhinoplasty surgeon has helped answer some of your questions about the procedure, as well as made you more knowledgeable about what you should expect from your doctor as a cosmetic surgery patient. Contact our clinic to book a confidential consultation today.