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WSB-2 reached out to Dr. Sinha today for his expert opinion about a developing story here in Atlanta. Not all plastic surgeons are equal and a slick marketing campaign does not always equal a complication free surgery. Dr. Sinha is known for one on one communication and thorough patient education for ALL his plastic surgery patients.

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FROM WSB-2: Dr. Pradeep Sinha, the owner of Atlanta Institute for Facial Aesthetic Surgery, says Brazilian Butt Lift is one of the most dangerous surgeries, period.


“One in 300 people have a major complication which includes death. So, that’s not a fun word to say when you’re a doctor, right? And especially for a cosmetic procedure if it’s optional,” Sinha said.


Sinha said he doesn’t want to talk about what other practices do, but the veteran surgeon said he would never ever operate without first meeting and talking with a patient ahead of time.


“They always meet with me first before any decision is made, we don’t even talk prices or numbers or schedule anybody until they’ve met with me personally,” Sinha said. “This is not getting a haircut, right? I mean, you’re actually having surgery near major organs near major blood vessels,” said Dr. Sinha.

Plastic surgery is real surgery. Do not trust your lifetime health and wellness to just anybody you come across on Instagram. If you are considering plastic surgery please connect with Dr. Sinha here. All great surgery starts with open and honest communication about all your surgical options and potential risks.