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Cheek Implants

Cheek Implants adds balance to the face

Cheek implants help with poor definition or inadequate projection, making the mid-face appear more fit. Cheek implants also help remove signs of aging from the under-eye area. Well-proportioned cheeks bring definition and balance to the face, improving facial appearance as a whole.

For some people, lack of definition in the cheek area causes the lower portion of the face to appear heavy. For others, a lack of soft tissue around the cheeks causes a gaunt, strained look. In any case, cheek implant surgery can enhance the problem area, resulting in a strong, healthy look.

Cheek implants often work best when the procedure is coupled with another facial plastic surgery procedure like a rhinoplasty,facelift or chin and jaw implants. In some cases, patients who initially seek a mid face lift find that cheek implants will give them the uplifted and youthful contour they need without a facelift.

Cheek cosmetic surgery can create beautiful facial proportions with enhanced balance and symmetry, as well as facial contours that are striking and more youthful.

Atlanta Institute for Facial Aesthetic Surgery also offers non-surgical cheek augmentation procedures; these are not permanent like cheek implants but can be long-lasting and provide comparable results with virtually no downtime. These non-surgical options include dermal fillers such as Restylane® and Perlane®, Juvederm®, Radiesse® and Sculptra® to smooth out hardened cheek lines and fill out the cheekbones for added definition and a plumper, more youthful appearance.

Cheek Implant Surgery & Recovery

Incisions for female and male cheek implants can be made under the eyes or inside the mouth. After making an incision, Dr. Sinha will situate the implants on a pre-discussed part of the patient’s cheeks (usually the top) and suture it in place. In some cases, such as with birth defects or a traumatic injury, small incisions in the cheekbone may be made.

Patients typically undergo a recovery period of 7-10 days post-cheek implant surgery. Pain is moderate and well-tolerated with medicine. Swelling, mild bruising and numbness may temporarily occur.

After the surgery incision has healed, sutures outside of the mouth will be removed while sutures inside the mouth will dissolve naturally.

Cheek implants are permanent. In fact, over time, the natural cheekbone becomes enmeshed with the implant material, so the enhancement is extremely sound structurally, becoming one with the natural bone.

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Dr Sinha is an incredible talented surgeon. I was not happy with results from my previous surgery. It was the subtle things that made my nose look not exactly right to me. Dr Sinha listened to what bothered me and addressed all my concerns. I love my new nose and no one knows I did anything to it!

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