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Chin & Jaw Implants

Chin or jaw implants can result in facial balance

Chin or jaw implants can result in significant confidence and facial balance. Bone structure is one of the most powerful elements of attractiveness. As the center of the jaw, the chin is especially important. If the extension of the chin is not adequate, the mid-face and the nose will appear especially large. A weak chin can also make the neck appear rolled and fleshy, commonly referred to as a “double chin” or “turkey gobbler.” Aging can worsen this condition, due to both the movement of fat to underneath the chin and the laxity of the muscle sling that holds up the tissue under the chin.

Chin and jaw implants properly align the chin below the nose, helping men achieve that square “Superman” jaw line and women achieve a desirable fine-shaped, fit jaw line.

Silicone, Teflon or Dacron implants are typically used during a chin or jaw implant procedure. A horizontal cut is made in the jaw bone through the mouth and the separated bone is slid into the desired position. After making the incision, the implants are placed over the jawbone, increasing the dimensions and skillfully defining the shape of the chin and/or jaw line. During the procedure, fat can also be removed (known as a chin liposuction), or the muscle sling under the chin can be tightened to further address a double chin. This muscle-tightening procedure requires only a small incision in the skin behind the chin.

Chin and Jaw Implant Recovery

Surgical tape is placed around the implant area and needed for 4-7 days to restrict excessive jaw movement. Intra-oral (inside the mouth) stitches will dissolve within a week. If chin liposuction is performed, sutures from the incisions made underneath the chin are removed in 5-7 days.

Common temporary side effects from chin or jaw implant procedure include swelling, bruising and soreness/tightness of the jaw that will resolve within a couple of days to a week at the most. Dr. Sinha will prescribe pain medication when needed and patients are advised to keep the head elevated when in pain. The implant material will mesh with your natural bone over time to feel, function and look like a natural part of the body permanently.

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Dr Sinha is an incredible talented surgeon. I was not happy with results from my previous surgery. It was the subtle things that made my nose look not exactly right to me. Dr Sinha listened to what bothered me and addressed all my concerns. I love my new nose and no one knows I did anything to it!

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