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Stubborn pockets of fat are something that countless women have to contend with. It can often be the case that no matter how much you diet and exercise, there are certain areas on the body that stubbornly hold onto fat.

One area of the body where it’s very common for fat to be stored is underneath the chin. This type of fat, known as submental fat, can be very difficult or even impossible to get rid of even if you’re a healthy weight. This is because chin fat isn’t always the result of weight gain alone. Often it’s due to genetics, age or a combination of the two.

Kybella is a new treatment that has been developed that helps to melt away chin fat quickly and effectively. By administering the treatment to the area underneath the chin, it melts away the fat cells and creates a more defined and aesthetically pleasing appearance to the jaw line.

What are the benefits of Kybella over a neck lift?

The surgical alternative to Kybella is a neck lift, sometimes called a lower face lift. Kybella comes with some key advantages over a neck lift however. These benefits include –

  • Non-surgical – One of the biggest benefits of Kybella over a neck lift is that it’s a non-surgical procedure. This means you avoid the risk of complications that comes with surgery and do not have to undergo anaesthesia.
  • No downtime – Another big benefit of Kybella is that there’s little-to-no downtime. This makes it ideal if you want to treat your chin fat but cannot afford to take a lot of time off work for recovery.

Am I a good candidate?

The best way to determine if you’re a good candidate for Kybella is an examination. The person administering the treatment will be able to determine if you’re a good candidate best on your skin elasticity, your overall health and your age.

You will be asked about any health conditions you have as well as whether you have had, or plan to have any surgery on your face or neck. This is important since it might interfere with your results or mean you are not a suitable candidate for Kybella.

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