Rhinoplasty Video Case Study

Patient Name: Andrea


So, my initial consultation with Dr. Pradeep Sinha was wonderful. Dr. Sinha has an excellent, excellent bedside manner. He makes you feel really comfortable. He's very detail oriented, and he goes over every single part of the procedure. He'll also take pictures and show you exactly what your nose looks like, which is great as it allows you to see the before and after pictures. My nose had a small hump at the bridge that I didn't like.

I don't know how much other people noticed it, but I didn't like it. I hated my profile more than anything. From the front, it wasn't that bad, but I hated for people to take my profile pictures. For me, I recognized that I also had a deviated septum. I've had allergy issues and sinus headachesforever. At my initial consultation, Dr. Sinha took a camera and went up in my nose, and he explained that I had a deviated septum, as well as enlarged turbinates (thin bony plates inside the nose). So, in addition to getting my nose fixed cosmetically, I can now breathe.

Day of Surgery

On the day of the surgery, my husband took me to Dr. Sinha's office, and to be honest, by this time, I was not nervous at all. Dr. Sinha had explained the surgery in detail, all the potential side effects, everything that could potentially happen, and I was just excited to get it done. I don't remember any pain during the procedure. It was awesome. Even later that day after I went home, I did not have any pain.


When I woke up, I had internal and external splints. Internal splints are not awesome, and you might have a minimal amount of blood drip out, but even when I went home, I had no pain. I slept a lot, and that's basically it. On Day 3, Dr. Sinha took the internal splints out, which is a little painful while they're coming out. I kept the external splints for about a week, and I had minimal bruising. I did not have to take one single pain pill, and I don't have a high pain tolerance. I did have a couple of days of nausea, which was only because of the blood that drained into my stomach.


Two weeks after surgery, it was New Year's Eve, and I went out with absolutely no makeup. No pain, no bruising. Even now, people don't realize I had my nose done. They just say I look great, which I think is amazing. Some people will say, "Oh, your eyebrows look really good." And, I say, "No, I have a new nose." I think this speaks to Dr. Sinha's skill and making you look natural and not like you've had plastic surgery, which is amazing."

Dr. Sinha was amazing from the beginning, all the way to the end of the procedure. He answers all your questions, and he's very, very patient. There is not a better doctor out there if you're interested in getting your nose done, especially if you have breathing issues like I did. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Sinha.

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