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  1. Snapchat
    The world of Snapchat has introduced an entire society to the idea of the filtered selfie. Each day a new filter is uploaded which allows users to see themselves in different lights, different contours, and with different noses. The public is hooked! Seeing yourself in a better light is not only encouraging, it entices you to take action. Patients do not have to use celebrity comparisons to translate their cosmetic desires to their doctor, now they simply show the doctor their filtered photo. A photo is the most concrete example of your physical plan and a photo of yourself can prove extremely useful. Why sit around and feel unhappy about your self image when there is a world of possibility available to you.
  2. Instagram and Facebook
    Instagram and Facebook have created platforms that allow people to share their lives with others across the world. As a result, individuals wish to showcase their best self more than ever. People want to look and feel great in real life and online. Part of this desire is making sure your looks line up with your goals. Individuals that feel confident in their appearance tend to feel confident in sharing their lives and successes. No one wants to ignore a major milestone because they are embarrassed about the hump in their nose, there are solutions! With social media platforms allowing you to brighten your skin or enhance your features, patients are signing up for cosmetic procedures in order to let their real life self look more like their online self.
  3. LinkedIn
    A 3M sponsored study at the University of Minnesota School of Management revealed “presenters who use visual aids are 43% more effective in persuading audience members to take a desired course of action than presenters who don’t use visuals”. Your face is your personal brand and a person that is confident in their appearance projects a sense of respect and dependability. Multiple business leaders, actors, and inspirational speakers have raved how cosmetic rhinoplasty has improved their life and their work. LinkedIn has become a staple in business networking and the first image each person sees on another’s profile is their professional headshot. Present an image you are proud to show to the world and your success may very soon improve.
  4. Youtube And Reality Television
    Youtube and Reality television has opened the door for viewers to walk through real life surgeries and hear the testimonials from real patients. Never before has American society had such convenient access to the entire cosmetic surgery process on such a large scale. Viewers are now able to see the ability for nose reshaping surgery to change someone’s life while sitting at home or looking at their phone. Mysteries about the process are being revealed and individuals no longer feel the sense of fear toward cosmetic operations they once had. If you are interested in rhinoplasty in atlanta, check out the thousands of videos available to you and move forward in your search for physical peace.