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  1. Shape Of Your Nose
    Rhinoplasty is a nose reshaping cosmetic surgery that transforms both the bridge of your nose and your nostrils. The surgeon will have to modify both bone and cartilage to reach your desired results. Understand your feelings about the width of your entire nose. Once the width is slimmed down, it cannot be restored. The degree of modification your doctor performs on bone versus nostril is in part up to you. If you are hoping to narrow a wide bridge bone, the bone will likely need to be broken and you should be prepared. However, not all noses need to be broken. There are realistic limitations to every procedure, but if you are hoping for a slimmed down nose, your surgeon should be able to make that happen. Understand your goals and communicate these expectations to your rhinoplasty specialist doctor.
  2. Age Of Your Nose
    For your results to be as accurate to your expectations as possible, your nose needs to be fully formed. A fully formed nose usually occurs around 14 years for females and 15 years for males. However, Rhinoplasty surgery is not recommended on patients this young as their bodies are still developing. Emotional maturity should also be a factor. Rhinoplasty in Atlanta is a permanent procedure and the patient should be at a stage in life where they are capable of making a lifelong decision. Patients should be making surgical decisions for themselves and not for others. If you have reservations, you should wait until you are in a place of true commitment.
  3. Breathing Or Sinus Issues
    In addition to the aesthetic value, Rhinoplasty surgery can be combined with a procedure known as Septoplasty to rectify a deviated septum or birth defect. The goal of Septoplasty is to eliminate breathing or sinus issues by allowing air to pass through your nostril accurately. Keep in mind, after your Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty procedures your nose may be stuffy for a while due to the internal swelling while healing. Swelling and bruising tend to diminish in about a week, allowing you to begin breathing free and clear.
  4. Past Medical History
    It is important for you to know your own body. Every procedure is different and you want to make sure you take the necessary steps to allow your nose to heal properly. Fractures, former procedures, or past illnesses should all be discussed with your doctor. Your doctor cannot fully assist you if they are left in the dark. Make a list of all issues you believe may come into play and discuss them with your surgeon so you are on the same page. Knowledge is power!
  5. Know The Look You Are Going For
    It is important to keep in mind that the Rhinoplasty procedure is permanent. This nose will become part of your appearance and part of your life. That being said, consider how large of a change you really want. Some people hope to completely reform their look while others pray no one will know they have undergone a procedure. The decision is yours. Communication with your rhinoplasty specialist in atlanta is most important thing. Be thorough and honest about your goals. Bring pictures and explain your concerns. The more visuals the better. This is the rest of your life and you deserve to be thrilled about it!