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We all know people who seem to have healthy-looking skin effortlessly. Their skin always looks youthful and refreshed and never dull or tired, no matter what time of year. What’s their secret?

Even if it may not seem like they work for it, they probably follow a skin care routine diligently. Getting – and keeping – flawless skin doesn’t have to be complicated, but consistency is key to ensure results.

Here are our top tips for elevating your skin from drab to fab this summer.

1. Slather on the Sunscreen
You should already be in the habit of putting on sunscreen every time you go outside, but if you aren’t, the long days of summer are the best time to establish this tradition. Make sure you’re using a sunblock with an SPF of at least 30 that protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. Even if it’s overcast, make sure to reapply at least every two hours – more often if you’re swimming or sweating.

The bad news is that sun damage is one of the biggest contributors to signs of aging, like wrinkles and uneven skin tone and texture, but the good news is that you can prevent future sun damage from occurring by wearing sunscreen and staying in the shade whenever you can.

2. Exfoliate for Skin Health
Getting healthy, glowing skin doesn’t have to be a complicated process. In fact, you could even make a difference on your lunch break! A gentle exfoliating procedure called dermaplaning is one of the top ways to improve the look of conditions such as a dull, tired-looking complexion.

When you choose to get dermaplaning, a qualified skin care specialist will remove the top layers of your skin using a sterile surgical instrument. The procedure is quick, painless and has no recovery time, which makes it excellent for people with sensitive skin. You’ll immediately see smoother, improved skin, and the treatment also stimulates collagen and elastin production for excellent long-term results.

3. Stay Hydrated
Your entire body needs plenty of water to maintain proper function, and that includes your largest organ – your skin. Don’t neglect the importance of staying hydrated throughout your day. Always keep water nearby so you have something to sip on when you’re thirsty, and won’t feel tempted to make an unhealthy choice like coffee or a soft drink, both of which contain caffeine that can dehydrate your skin. Drinking water throughout the day is one of the best ways to give yourself naturally healthy-looking skin.

4. Improve Skin Tone and Texture
If you have skin imperfections such as a rough or uneven texture, scars, age spots, enlarged pores and hyperpigmentation, you are a good candidate for a skin resurfacing procedure called microdermabrasion. In this process, an aesthetic technician uses a wand-shaped tool to exfoliate skin with a spray of minuscule aluminum oxide crystals. Microdermabrasion removes dull and damaged skin cells to reveal the healthy and radiant skin beneath. There’s no pain or recovery time associated with microdermabrasion, and you will be able to resume normal activities immediately afterward.

5. Get Plenty of Sleep
There’s a good reason it’s called “beauty sleep” – getting enough rest is one of the easiest ways to get better-looking skin. When you’re sleep-deprived, your skin is the first place to reflect it. The deep sleep cycle is your body’s opportunity to repair itself at the cellular level, and when you don’t get enough sleep, you’re denying yourself the chance to get the deep, restorative rest you need to be healthy. If you are struggling to get into a sleep routine, it might be worth looking at a new mattress, there are so many types of mattresses about, from single mattresses to a queen size mattress, you are bound to find one to suit you!

6. Inject to Perfect
If you assumed your friend with perfect, ageless skin must have just been born lucky, it might be time to think again. More people every year are turning to cosmetic injectable treatments to maintain a youthful look. Non-laser thread vein removal at Dr Newmans Clinic has become popular as well, getting rid of any of those vein related problems.

There are two broad categories of these injectable products: fillers, which create volume and minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and neuromodulators, which create a temporary paralysis that helps prevent new wrinkles from forming. Products such as Juvéderm and Voluma are in the former category, while Botox – perhaps the most well-known injectable – is in the latter. A combination of both can create a subtle anti-aging effect that immediately improves the look of skin without any need for surgery or downtime.

7. You Are What You Eat
A balanced diet is one of the best things you can do to improve every aspect of your life – from energy levels to building muscle mass and even boosting your memory. But have you heard what you put on your plate can also give you better-looking skin? It’s true – we now know that eating a balance of lean protein, Omega-3 fatty foods, whole grains and fresh, colorful produce can contribute to skin health. On the other hand, you should avoid processed foods, sugars and saturated fats, which can help accelerate the aging process.

8. Peel the Age Away
Aging skin and flaws such as acne scars have a powerful remedy: the chemical peel. In this process, an aesthetic expert will apply a specially formulated blend of chemicals to your skin to encourage the exfoliation process. As the top layers of your skin peel away, they create a regenerative effect that results in tighter, smoother skin.

Light, medium and deep levels of peels are available, depending on the concerns you wish to address. Deeper peels produce more dramatic results, but also have a longer the recovery time, so be sure to ask about your options.

9. Take Time for Yourself
When was the last time you had “me time?” Many of us don’t carve time out of our schedule specifically to relax, which is detrimental to both our mental and physical health. Increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol are linked to all kinds of negative effects, including prematurely aged skin. Try getting regular massages, adopting a yoga regimen or trying a similarly relaxing practice like meditation to reduce stress and improve the mind-body balance that can prolong your life.

10. Get Brighter-Looking Eyes
If people often ask you if you are tired or angry, even when you’re well-rested and in a good mood, your eyes may be communicating the wrong message about you. The thin skin around your eyes is often the earliest place where signs of aging emerge, and as a result, you could have puffy or drooping eyelids that make you look unhappy or fatigued. A surgical procedure called a blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift, can rejuvenate your upper eyelids, lower eyelids or both to help you look more refreshed and alert.

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