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Facelift is one of Dr. Sinha’s most requested procedures.

Check out some frequently asked questions about facelifts:

Who is a good candidate for a facelift?
A good candidate for a facelift is somebody who wants to retain a more youthful look by eliminating loose skin on their face and neck. A good candidate should be in good physical health, not be excessively overweight and also be free of any serious medical conditions. Those who experience the best results also have good skin elasticity and strong facial features.

Are there different types of facelifts?
Yes.  In addition to full facelifts, there are also mid facelifts and lower facelifts (also known as neck lifts). Which is used will depend on the patient and the results they want to achieve. They’re often performed together in conjunction with other treatments, such as liposuction and fat fillers.

Can facelifts be used to get rid of jowls?
Absolutely neck lifts are particularly effective at eliminating jowls, especially when liposuction is used alongside the procedure. Even a full facelift will do an excellent job at eliminating unwanted loose skin around the neck though. How long the effects of your facelift lasts will depend on your genetics and your overall health. To stay looking as young as possible, you should eat well and avoid bad habits, such as smoking and drinking to excess.

Do facelifts get rid of lines and wrinkles?
This is the more common facelift FAQ. Facelifts are not designed to treat lines and wrinkles directly. Pulling the skin upwards might eliminate some deeper lines in the face but the primary purpose is to smooth out any sagging or loose skin on the face. Lines and wrinkles can be tackled by other cosmetic treatments, such as botox.

Are the results of a facelift permanent?
On average, a facelift will make you look 5-8 years younger but it doesn’t stop the natural aging process. For example, in 10 years time you’ll probably look older than you do now but younger than you would if you didn’t have a facelift.

Will the results look natural?
This depends on the skill of the surgeon. Dr Sinha has a great deal of experience with facelifts and is double board certified, so you can be sure that the results of your facelift will look completely natural.

Will I be left with scars?
Any time an incision is made in the skin, there is a scar left behind. However there are different types of scars and those left by a facelift are not noticeable. Not only this but they’re purposely placed in discreet areas, such as at the hairline and behind the ears.

What are the side effects?
Common side effects during recovery from a facelift including swelling, bruising and some moderate pain. However the swelling and bruising soon subsides and the pain medication is prescribed so this isn’t an issue either.

Are there any serious risks?
Serious complications is the most common Facelift FAQ asked by candidate. its quite rare with facelifts but that doesn’t mean there is no risk at all. Some patients might have an adverse reaction to the anesthesia and there is a small risk of infection during surgery. As discussed in various Facelift FAQ If symptoms such as irregular heartbeat, chest pains or faintness are experienced then a doctor should be contacted immediately.

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