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1. How is a Facelift different than a Mini-Facelift or Mid-Facelift?
A: A Facelift is a comprehensive lift of sagging facial tissues (cheek, jowl and neck) which, when done properly, can yield excellent results that can last for 10 or more years. A mini-facelift usually refers to more limited procedure done under local anesthesia which mainly only addresses the jowls. Often these procedures don’t last as long as traditional lifts and usually leave visible scars if the doctor or location does them quickly (lunchtime lifts). A midface lift lift is a procedure that usually addresses the cheek tissues which are often the first part of the face to sag. These are usually done through an endoscopic approach or through incisions around the eyes.

2. What is a “One-Stitch” facelift?
A: This is a type of mini-facelift that uses a single suspension stitch through a hidden incision (usually in the scalp) to pull up facial tissues, essentially like using tape to hold up skin. Since the entire lift relies on one stitch, the lift is limited in scope and only lasts for as long as the stitch making it a short-lived result.

3. What is a weekend facelift?
A: Similar to a lunch time lift, this refers to limited lifts done under local anesthesia that purportedly have quick recovery times. This is not often the case.

4. How long does a facelift last?
A: A proper facelift (including a properly performed mini-lift) should last 10+ years. Many of the quick lifts that focus on low cost and speed versus results may last between 6 months and a few years.

5. How is the recovery process ?
A: Even with a full facelift, patients should be over 90% recovered by 7-10 days after surgery. Recovery can be quicker when less work is done as with the mini-lifts. However, patients must consider that a few days of extra recovery time can equal several years of results.

6. How long should swelling and numbness last after a facelift?
A: Most swelling should be gone before two weeks. Numbness, especially around the ear, can persist from days to a several weeks. This almost always comes back.

7. What is the best procedure for firming neck and chin?
A: A lifting procedure gives the best results. There are devices that use deliver energy to heat up the deeper part of the skin which results in skin tightening for 1-2 years.

8. How can I avoid getting a pulled up look from a facelift?
A: Selecting a surgeon that has the training and experience to deliver a natural, rejuvenated look is the key. Patients should be shown large numbers of before and after pictures that were done by that surgeon as well have the ability to talk to previous patients.

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