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Risks of Rhinoplasty Surgery


Any form of surgery comes with a certain amount of risk. When making incisions in the body and changing the underlying structure of a body part, there is always the chance that something can go wrong.

It’s important to make these risks clear upfront, so anybody considering rhinoplasty can make a fully informed decision and decide if they’re happy to go ahead with it.
Considering this, below are the three main risks that comes with rhinoplasty (nose surgery) in Atlanta.

  • Infection

    Infection is always a risk with invasive surgery. With rhinoplasty surgery in particular, hygiene must be considered since the nose is not the cleanest place in the body. This is why very often antibiotics will be prescribed just before and after nose surgery in order to prevent infection. The good news is that the face is particularly well equipped to deal with infection thanks to the robust blood supply.


  • Bleeding

    Bleeding is another complication that is a possibility with rhinoplasty surgery. This is one of the downsides of the high blood supply in the face. Although bleeding is a possibility it is quite rare and any experienced surgeon will be able to deal with this complication. In the event that bleeding occurred, your surgeon would likely replace the nasal packing of the nose to stop it.


  • Minor contour irregularities

    Rhinoplasty surgery is often thought of a ‘millimetre surgery’ simply meaning that the smallest variations can make a big difference. Because of this, it’s extremely important that you have your rhinoplasty carried out by a skilled surgeon if you want to achieve the best results and avoid the risk of contour irregularities.

The risks above are of course reduced when you have your surgery performed by a highly skilled and experienced surgeon who is working with modern equipment and in a safe setting.

Dr Sinha the rhinoplasty expert in Atlanta has performed rhinoplasty surgery on people of all ages and from all walks of life. He has the skill and experience necessary to mitigate the risks that the surgery brings and provides an extremely high rate of patient satisfaction.
Get in touch now if you’d like to book a consultation for rhinoplasty with Dr Sinha.